Ecuadorian Cloud Forest Coffee

Tambo Coffee is more than just coffee

Our Farm
Nestled where the land meets the sky, our family farm, Tambo Quinde, is a magical and unique place. Meaning “Hummingbird’s Lodge,” Tambo Quinde celebrates Ecuador’s biodiversity. Growing alongside an abundance of birds, butterflies and plants, our coffee beans absorb the colors, fragrances and sounds of this paradise.

Our Commitment to Sustainability
We are honored and privileged to use this precious land for our coffee beans. We know how special it is and take our stewardship seriously. The farmland had previously been cleared for beef and dairy agriculture and replanted with non-native grasses. Setting a precedent in sustainable agriculture, we leverage interdependent agro-forestry systems to buffer and restore the precious Cloud Forest habitat.

We hope our compassion for the land and care for our beans translates into your new favorite coffee.

  • Single Estate Shade Grown Coffee

  • Direct Trade – Limited production

  • Ecuadorian Cloud Forest Coffee

  • 100% Arabica coffee beans.

  • Reforesting Ecuador’s cloud forests.