Grown and harvested in the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest

Tambo Coffee is more than just coffee. Grown and harvested in the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest, our coffee beans carry the essence of the spirited sky and fertile soil right into your cup. We cultivate and care for our 100% Arabica coffee beans in the lush Tandayapa Valley, at an ideal elevation of 6,000 feet. We allow the beans to mature in the cool shade so they develop a complex, lush flavor profile unique to this special area.

This bright, aromatic coffee is unique in a few different ways. First, it’s grown in the Tandayapa Valley at an ideal 6000 feet in elevation right on the equator. This is located just above the areas where our reforesting takes place.

Secondly, this coffee is setting a precedent in sustainable agriculture. Leveraging interdependent agro-forestry systems to buffer and restore cloud forest habitat. This means as this edible and productive forest is growing, the different elements complement each other, including the shade that coffee needs to mature and develop its complex flavor profile.

Third, all of the land was previously clear-cut, stripped of its natural vegetation, and replanted with non-native grasses for slash-and-burn beef and dairy agriculture.


We seek sustainability in every aspect of our business and are always looking to collaborate with like-minded people .